About Us

We are a learning exchange platform, here, you can share your own learning courses to other students, here, you can choose different courses according to your needs to study, and exchange learning experience.

Drawing from a well
of over 400 courses from dozens of cutting-edge curriculum partners, Core Learning Exchange creates comprehensive programs of study. Whether you want to support your current career pathways or expand to new ones, we provide the courses your students need.
We work with your school
to create a curriculum solution that meets your state’s education standards, industry-recognized credentials and certifications and the unique requirements of your school and community.
Personalized, mastery-based
learning is an evidence-based approach that increases student engagement, accelerates learning, and improves retention. This methodology gives students agency in how and what they learn while building confidence as they self-advocate for their claims of competency. The approach develops the skills dispositions our youth need for college, career, and lifelong learning.